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Mentor 6

MENTOR 6 – extend your range!

MENTOR 6 – extend your range!

NOVA will officially announce the MENTOR 6 at the Thermik
trade fair on the 12th and 13th of January in Stuttgart.

From the outside, not much has changed on the MENTOR 6 –
although it has many more innovations than its predecessor.
The target group and basic parameters remain the same, but
the advances are huge.
• Unique Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping for even fewer creases on
the leading edge.
• Innovative Mini-Rib Vector Tape: this tape traverses
through a hole in each mini-rib along the trailing edge of
the upper surface (see photos of the wing). This means
better profile shape and improved handling.
• Double-B splits improve profile shape, increase the
structural strength of the cells and stabilize the wing in
the case of turbulence.

Further new features compared to the MENTOR 5
• Newly designed riser with integrated Speedbrake Riser
(but without any of the disadvantages of the previous
design). For this reason, the wing is only available with
this version of the riser.
• Differentiated A3 riser transmission ensures an
optimised wing twist in accelerated flight which makes
the wing more stable.
• Internal mini-rib seams.
• Ronstan ball bearing pulleys on the speed-system to
reduce the effort when accelerating.
• Lighter and simultaneously more durable cloth.
• Optimised curvature, improved profile.

Target group – who is the MENTOR 6 aimed at?
• Ambitious EN B cross-country pilots will love the
smooth handling, the great climb rate and the outstanding
accelerated glide.
• Pilots trading up a classification will get a wing that
helps them to achieve their potential – as was the case
with previous MENTOR generations.
• Pilots trading down a class from EN C or EN D gain
passive safety without losing much in performance or
• Recreational pilots get a wing with a lot of performance
that is fun to fly and that is suitable for all purposes.

Since many years, the MENTOR series has been synonymous
with top performance in the EN B class. NOVA continues this
tradition with the MENTOR 6 and complements the strengths
of its predecessor with real innovations which result in more
performance and flying fun. Through Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping, the
unique Mini-Rib Vector Tape, Double-B splits and newly
designed risers, the MENTOR 6 offers even more glide
performance and easier handling than the MENTOR 5 – whilst
retaining the same passive safety and aspect ratio. In the air,
the MENTOR 6 is intuitive, precise and responsive, with
comfortably low brake pressure. The perfect wing for
ambitious EN/LTF B cross-country pilots as well as pilots
trading up from low-end EN B wing or down from an EN C or D.

Selling points
• Top in its category for actually usable performance
(especially accelerated).
• The MENTOR 6 was deliberately designed not to push the
EN B classification to the limit – which means higher
passive safety.
• Little sink in turns / good climb rate.
• Uncomplicated, intuitive handling.
• Very easy launch and landing characteristics.
• Agile and precise.
• Durable material mix.
• Comprehensive NOVA guarantee package.


EN/LTF B – 59 cells – aspect ratio 5.43 (flat), 3.9 (projected) –


Area -projected (m2) 18.2 20.2 22.2 24.2 26.2
All-up weightrange (kg) 60 – 80 70 – 90 80 – 100 90 – 110 100 – 130
Canopy weight (kg) 3.45 4.8 5.05 5.3 5.55

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